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Saturday 29th February 2020


The activitygroup has a national reputation for delivering affordable professional training programmes through flexible learning. Established in 2002, our team of dedicated professionals operate to the highest standards and have skills and experience to enable staff employed in National/Local Government, NHS, Adult and Social Care and UK Corporate Business sectors to achieve their full potential.

For more than 25 years the founder and CEO of the company Stephen Descher has  specialised in providing “hands-on” business and personal performance improvement services and has implemented strategic sales, marketing and customer care/service programmes direct to both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer target markets in the UK, Europe, United Arab Emirates and USA. 

The activitygroup specialises in Customer Service, Personal Management and Business Development training.  Their portfolio of over 80 courses allows the activitygroup to offer intensive, participative, learning rich in-house courses that are rooted in real world issues that we all face every day

Our dedicated approach to learning has a proven commercial underpinning.  The growth of the activitygroup has been attributed to organisations such as the NHS and Major Corporate organisations recommending our services and our ability to build and develop long-term relationships, we now work with over 50 NHS Trusts throughout the United Kingdom.

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