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Learning Touch Typing Online

User-friendly, engaging & reliable

Enhance your typing skills

Teach yourself Touch Typing online

User-friendly, Engaging and Reliable - Better productivity at your fingertips!

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Enhance your typing skills

Teach Yourself Touch Typing or Enhance Your Skills Online

Most jobs require good keyboard skills - and speed and accuracy matter when you are working with a computer.

Using the Activity TypingMaster online system you can learn to touch type accurately and gain speed as you practice, 30 words per minute after about 20 hours of training – 70 to 120 words per minute with continued practice.

Our system will give you online training on all aspects of computer keyboard use, with progress monitored over the internet. You can train at any time of the day or night - our system is ready to train you 24 hours a day. One of the advantages of our course is does not have to be installed on the company network, it is accessed purely over the internet and can be used at work or home.

Increase Your Effectiveness & Reduce RSI

Our system will train you in:

  • All the alphabetic and numeric keys
  • The numeric data entry keyboard
  • Special marks - !, /, ? etc
  • Correct ergonomics to help reduce Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Our system also includes tools that will automatically:

  • Identify keys that are causing you to make errors
  • Monitor your typing rhythm, administer several progress tests
  • Provide you with some interactive games and challenges to maintain progress and provide some fun!

Used by NHS Trusts throughout the UK

"A top quality product at an affordable price."

“I am extremely impressed with the overall functionality of the product."

“Students love Touch Typing Online. The program meets all state and national technology standards. This is a win-win situation. You can't ask for much better than that.”

activitygroup introduce touch-typing into schools...

...with excellent results

King Charles 1 School in Kidderminster, Worcestershire roll-out the activitygroup Touch Typing course.

Steve Descher, activitygroup Managing Director:

“I believe that touch typing is an extremely important part of everyday life. We use computers in many different aspects of our lives and all the way through from children to adults and given the ambiguity of keyboards and the increasing expectation that secondary school pupils and university students will type their essays and coursework, the ability for a pupil to be able to touch type effectively and accurately is one the most useful skills a pupil can learn.

Regardless of what career a pupil embarks upon, a high percentage of them will use a keyboard in their daily work, and all of them are likely to use a keyboard in their leisure time. Indeed, the ability to touch type is not only an advantage but an important life skill in the ever-developing world of technology and communication.

Our course is a web-based typing tutor that the pupil can access from any computer in the school with an internet connection - even at home! The diverse exercises will keep pupils motivated. Keyboard drills, timed exercises, review exercises, typing tests and games provide optimal support for every phase of learning”

Business & Enterprise Manager - King Charles 1 School & Sixth Form Centre

"We were fortunate to pilot the Activity Group on-line touch typing with Stephen Descher to see if there is a demand in schools for such a programme.

This was run through the spring term with both Teaching staff and students who were in awe of the course. The results have been amazing, students excelled and teaching staff wished that they had done it before.

It is a pleasure to work with Stephen, the initial training session was excellent and he had a brilliant rapport with both students and staff.

At King Charles 1 School we endorse the importance of developing student’s employability skills and are always looking for innovative ways to do this as well as supporting Continuous Professional Development for all our staff.

We will continue to run this programme and feel that the benefits far out way the cost"